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From Outdated to Outstanding in 20 days

Client's challenge: An image issue

When AlgoLabs approached us, their image in the industry was a mere reflection of their website – outdated and empty. It was a disheartening situation for a company that prided itself on being experts in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Moreover, as a research-driven organisation, they had budgetary constraints and therefore believed that their options for a website redesign were limited.

Why they chose us

At Tellable, we’re a team of creative individuals from diverse disciplines such as creative writing, visual design and web development who are seamlessly connected , sparing clients like AlgoLabs the hassle of approaching different vendors for different purposes, making it a one-stop solution for all creative needs.

Coming from a technology background, we understand the unique challenges faced by tech companies when trying to communicate what they do.

Above all, it’s our passion and commitment to make storytelling and good design affordable for small businesses.

Our approach

We didn’t require an introduction for who AlgoLabs are, but the moment we laid eyes on their website, we understood the gravity of their needs. Our team met with the key stack-holders at AlgoLabs to understand their challenges first hand. The representatives from AlgoLabs left that meeting with renewed comfort, knowing that a first-class website for their organization was possible, and with each successive day, we took a step in the direction of fulfilling that.

The creative writers studied the resources that were provided by the client to obtain a thorough understanding of their business and proceeded to striking those keys with the sole aim of bringing alive their services and innovations. Meticulous revisions ensured the final drafts were ready to be designed.

The designer used Figma to create prototypes with professional designs and intuitive user interfaces, which were shared with AlgoLabs for their live review and feedback.

As we were approaching the final stages of the project, the excitement grew. The developers commenced their role by configuring the latest version of WordPress. Every single page that they developed was shared internally for rigorous testing. Finally, after just 20 days, the new website was ready for its much-awaited launch.


The client's anticipation turned into elation as they explored the finished product—a website that affirmed their status as industry leaders in the fast evolving field of AI, ML and data science. With renewed aesthetics, seamless navigation, and compelling content, AlgoLabs' online presence was now revitalized.

Interested in updating the look and feel of your website?


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