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Content Creation

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Content Creation


Uncovering Your Story

In this age of entrepreneurial spirit, there could be competitors for your organization at every corner. Figuring what sets yours apart from the crowd is essential to inspire everyone in your organization to contribute their best. It is also essential to inspire your customers to continue coming to you.

Tellable will analyse and understand your brand's personality, why your organization is relevant to consumers and team members, and how we can define your story that you can share and grow.

Brand story ideation and development.png

Brand story guide complete with colour palette, typography, tone of voice definition and communication strategy

Online Brand Building

Every time a potential consumer, investor or team member comes across your organization online is a moment of truth for them. To deliver a positive impression, you need to tell a consistent and compelling story across platforms.

Tellable will work with you to understand your brand history, challenges and achievements and present them in a human-interest story in different forms: logo, website, social media.

Creative logo design.png

Logo design

Website content, design and development.png

Website copy, design and development

Social media profiles creation and optimization.png

Social media setup

Content Creation

Content for Internal Communication

We hate the word 'employee'. It is cold and ungrateful. 

Organizations are rolling out initiatives to engage and inspire their team members after striking realization that business productivity depends on them. But most initiatives don't go beyond workplace events and annual trips. 

People are brand owners and must be valued as equals for their individuality and effort.

If respected and inspired, people connect with the brand. This emotional tie leads to an ability to outperform themselves. 'Employee Retention' and 'Improved Customer Service' are mere side-effects of keeping people happy.

Because stories work on an emotional level and are known to promote loyalty and spur culture, Tellable uses storytelling in internal communication to win the hearts of people across all levels. 

Employee handbook.png

Workplace culture handbook

employee retention kit.png

Marketing collateral for prospective team members

Content for External Communication

Science has it that the functioning of the brain is influenced by its emotional centres. (No wonder more people buy iPhone for values such as pride rather than its configuration.)

So to make brands attractive, inbound marketing must go beyond tasteless facts and figures and focus on inspiring an emotional connect with the audience. 

Tellable uses proven storytelling techniques to craft strategic communication content across formats.

Inbound content marketing.png

Content marketing

Generating leads google facebook.png

Performance marketing

Social media marketing

Social media promotions.png
brand photography and video.png

Brand photography and videos

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