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Ideas form when we are alone, take shape when we are a team!

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Meet the Team

At Tellable, even though we work remotely, we never work in isolation.


Ayyappan Ramachandran


Visual Storyteller

Creates stories based on life events and takes life decisions based on stories.


Sruthi Venkateswaran


Head of Operations and Technology

Jill of all trades, Queen of one.

Naina headshot.jpg

Naina Rathi

Cross-media Storyteller

Naina is a girl of small dreams. She wants to marry Bill Hader, live in Mumbai and be an NYC homeowner at the same time, and make movies that alter cinema universe.

Hariharan K.jpg

Hariharan K.

Visual Designer

If you say red, he will ask, 'crimson, scarlet or carmine?'

Balakrishna (1).png


Website Experience Manager

Eats HTML for breakfast, PHP for lunch and Python for dinner.


Pragadeesh K.


Ever ready to climb trees or dive into pools for that perfect shot. We wonder what he eats. 


Siddharth Venkataraman


A marketing leader and professional theatre artist. We are curious to know if there are borders. 

Jayaram Hariharakrishnan.jpeg

Jayaram Hariharakrishnan


Combines Sama Veda and Seth Godin in his advise. Entertaining, insightful.


Our everyday workplace stories

Flexible timings.png

'9-5? No, thanks! Maybe 6-12?'

We are witnessing the era where brick-and-mortar offices are transforming into a single screen perched on top of the table. We not only adapt to it readily, but also freestyle the planning and execution of our work to give our team members total control over their time.


'But, Why?'

You know the kid who always asks 'But why?' to the teacher? We were probably that kid! We still have fun asking those questions among ourselves and let it help us discover ideas that are out-of-the-box.


'I understand'

We lend an ear during difficult situations and clap loudly during joyous occasions. That is what makes co-workers team members!

Suggesting the right solution to the client.png

'Not client-centric'

We love our clients and we like their enthusiastic inputs. But sometimes, they may have the wrong solution in mind. Instead of nodding our heads and executing it, we will suggest the right solution for them. We are 'work-centric'.

Every voice matters.png

'What do you think?'

We make sure that everyone gets to voice their opinion in all the decisions we make. This results in seeing things from different perspectives and ideas being enhanced.

Team member testimonial.jpg

I would definitely say that I haven't worked a single day in my time at Tellable. Because work never felt like work here! The people at Tellable have always pushed me to do better. Not only did I learn about design, I was also subconsciously absorbing a lot of interpersonal skills.


Abhishek Raman

Visual Storytelling Intern

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