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Welcome to the world, Worldie

Unusual in all the good ways

A difference in time zones, setting up for work on a holiday, and a meeting on Zoom that’s bound to end abruptly. If all those weren’t unusual already, we enter the meeting to notice two young students sitting inside a dormitory.

Upon exchanging niceties, we couldn’t help but feel openly good about how energetic they both were in the small hours, and they went on to say, “There’s little difference between night and day when you’re pursuing an MBA and working part-time.”

Aaron and Brandan realised very early in life that sports would always be their first love, and today, their energy and positivity are attributed to it. Would you be surprised to learn that they wanted to begin producing sports shoes for kids? We weren’t either.

There's always a solution with storytelling

Here was their challenge: brands like Nike, Adidas, Allbirds, Ten Little, Plae, and many others were already dominating the markets, and they wanted a brand story that would penetrate the clutter and leave an impression on people. Storytelling is how we help our clients stand out, but we were taking on something big this time.

To begin with, competitors, industries, and consumer demographics were studied. We understood that it’s millennial parents this brand story would speak to, and unlike previous generations, they are conscious of their purchases, preferring sustainable and enduring products; the very values they would want to instill in their 4-12 year olds.

Tellable saw a Worldie of positivity take shape and therefore came up with a brand story based on positivity, just what the parents look for and the founders, shoes, and kids were about. Aaron and Brandan were happy with what the writer had delightfully penned.

We then targeted a prevalent inconvenience as our open advantage - no shoe in the market supported kids’ feet in a variety of environments like grounds, fields, courts, and parks. Whereas Worldie is sustainable, their products are versatile, their shoes can perform on grass, turf, cement, mud, etc. And Worldie shoes make the kids look cool because they’re.

It was then a matter of getting it designed and delivered.

The designer chose a green and a blue that was earthly and calming, and not only did the product images feel instantly at home, together they evoked a feeling the brand intended to. We then proceeded to designing the website on Figma, making sure our layout choices were dynamic, unusual and yet aesthetically pleasing, just like the brand we were communicating.

So, there we were again: a difference in time zones, a Zoom meeting that’s bound to abruptly disconnect, Aaran and Brandon being happy and energetic, but only that they were now MBA entrepreneurs and Worldie was almost ready to make a mark on this world. Want a website that stands out from the competitors?


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