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Pixel dust to digital diamond: Transforming a graduate's portfolio website

Why graduates need a resume website

In our first requirements discussion meeting with Akshay Suresh, I sat behind a Word document ready for note-taking, half expecting to receive a dump of disconnected thoughts and ideas for us to sort through and understand later. And that’s when Akshay – an AI/ML researcher and PhD scholar – opened a neat presentation! He inquired if we’d like a step-by-step walkthrough of his requirements. Talk about beginnings being memorable!

It was a case of humility, discipline, and brilliance hidden beneath layers of lackluster code, outdated content, and antiquated design. Akshay wanted to resurrect his old website from the depths of mediocrity and align it with his remarkable expertise so his path to potential recruiters and job openings would be cleared.

Resume Website Homepage

Moreover, Akshay did not want to hear about our services or experience at all. He said he was set on Tellable. (We continue to wonder if it’s because of our collaboration with AlgoLabs - an AI and ML training and solutions company - that encouraged him to such an extent.)

He wanted an HTML, CSS-based website so he could make edits in the future himself, and then and there we knew Bootstrap framework would fit our bill. Besides, options for design and customisation in Bootstrap know no bounds.

The Tellable approach

Following such a delightful meeting, in return, we wanted to exceed Akshay’s expectations of us. Hence, our designer came up with an array of website design samples: from single-page layouts to multi-page narratives, from dark theme to light theme. Apart from giving Akshay a variety to choose from, it improved his clarity for his new website. A design was chosen and approved, and we were officially underway.

Writers, designers, developers – all of them spent time on Akshay’s old website. They did not deploy their respective skillsets before becoming acquainted with the nature of his work. It’s part of Tellable’s culture to construct avenues of understanding before letting the creative juices flow through them.

Resume Website Research Page

When it's done with love, it's done well

Each phase of development progressed smoothly, and we were well ahead of the timeline when something nagged at our attention. Without a visual signature - a logo that bore Akshay's expertise - the new website felt incomplete.

So, we brainstormed, designed, and sent him multiple logos. Akshay's eyes lit up with gratitude. He carefully examined each design, appreciating the thoughtfulness that went into it, and finally expressed to us that he hadn't expected a vendor to care so much.

Responsive Resume Website Design

The project was completed, source files were handed over, and the new website was hosted. Akshay Suresh's online presence has transformed his lab desk research into a captivating home of contributions to the evolving field of AI/ML, ready to welcome potential recruiters. We wish him a rewarding and soulful career ahead!

The Tellable team delivered a terrific design for my data science portfolio website. I'm impressed by their attention to detail, their clear communication style, and their willingness to go the extra mile for their customers.

— Dr. Akshay Suresh

Are you a recent graduate looking to attract recruiters with a portfolio/resume website?


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