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How do you explain a complex product? Tellable answers

Our client Tiger Analytics were facing  a new challenge they trusted only Tellable could solve. Their innovative AI product for the fashion e-commerce industry – Product Information Management – was a first of its kind and was bound to revolutionise online shopping. Simply put, it would make sure we enter an e-commerce site and exit with our desired product with no compromises.

But PIM as a concept was technical and sophisticated, which left Tiger Analytics fretting that potential customers would go unbothered within the first few seconds of hearing Tiger's explanation.

Any concept can be made understandable

We’ve noticed in our experience how an animation video lowers such a risk. The characters, their journey from a challenging situation to relief all told through creative movement transcend age and knowledge barriers and make for an immersive experience. That’s half the problem solved.

Now, we could either show the various intricacies of PIM that Tiger Analytics have smartly innovated or we can show a human being, like you and me, not able to find the shoe they want online. Which scenario would you be interested to watch?

A creative product explainer video

That’s exactly what came out. We wrote a script and animated it. When Tiger Analytics played the video at the Google Connect conference in Hyderabad, where globally renowned innovators and businesses looking to adopt the latest technology were present, each one of them were drawn in to follow the video to its completion.

It’s almost magical how businesses not only empathised more with their customers but also went back with a clear understanding of PIM after watching the video.  

Visual storytelling can spark business success

Tellable’s PIM “explainer” animation video was more than a success. Because even though Tiger Analytics only aimed to educate their audience of their revolutionary product, the video went on to spark conversations, imaginations, and collaborations. It enabled people to infer what AI products could bring to their respective businesses, and each one of them wanted to employ the product to give their customers experiences they would cherish.

One thoughtful and well-made animation video. Numerous successes.  

Want your product to leave a lasting impression on the audience?











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