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Creating an animation video to introduce an innovative solution

Why animation for product introduction?

Tellable needs no introduction to Digi Vet Care. As pioneers who’re deploying India’s 1st ever cattle-tech solution for the health and prosperity of the human-cattle ecosystem, it’s been a privilege to have designed and developed their website.

Because the carers felt cared for, even before getting to see what returns their website could bring them, they wanted Tellable to be in charge of their social media! Today, because of tangible successes they’ve had because of Tellable’s creative brand communication, sophisticated designs, and empathetic collaboration, they’re ready to take the next step forward, with us.

Even though what Raji and her team had developed was disruptive, it was also new to the market; it addressed a problem that hadn't been tackled before, therefore it needed a proper introduction to help people understand. She proposed creating a communication collateral to achieve just that. We reflected on the project’s goals, and suggested to Digi Vet Care that an animation video would fit our bill.    

They were pleased, and wanted to know our reason behind it. An animation video appeals to all age groups, can be infinitely creative, is cost and time effective, and is bound to leave an impression on the viewers’ memories. That’s when Raji’s face gave it away that she was wholeheartedly convinced, an expression we never want to stop witnessing.

Introducing an AI solution with emotional storytelling

We typically have another conversation with the client and learn about their emotional motivation. As a storytelling company, we believe that every business action has an emotional motivation, so instead of simply transferring inputs to a visual platform with technological tools, we capture emotional beats and tell an honestly captivating story.

But given we were attuned to Digi Vet Care, we knew where we had to start: Their founder froze in grief as a young calf suffered to death in front of her – a situation that has single-handedly influenced all that Digi Vet Care is today. The project was green lit.

We brought together a multi-skilled crew, encompassing scriptwriting, storyboarding, voice over artistry, graphics and animation, and music. The team sat down once to learn about the project.

So, after the script was written and the storyboard was created, our voice over artist rendered their voice. Once the graphics were ready, the process of animation commenced.

Finally, we wanted the soundtrack to match the visual narrative and also be predominantly Indian. So, we composed one with tabla beats! 

Thank you, Digi Vet Care

We went back to Digi Vet Care with that aforementioned look, but this time it was on us. They couldn’t wait to watch it, so we played the video then and there for them. Raji and her team hardly spent any time expressing to us how they felt about it because they were already on their way to use their new communication collateral to its fullest after an excited “Thank you.”

Interested in creatively introducing your product to its audiences through an animation video?



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