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When pen meets scalpel: How we helped a cancer surgeon succeed in social media through storytelling

Consultation with a Doctor

Amidst the beeping monitors, the dance of life and death unfolded under the steady hands of Surgical Oncologist Dr. Udayee Teja Bathala. There he noticed a silence for the first time. Not of uncertainty, but of unspoken stories buried within the walls of hospitals, behind medical jargon and complex emotions.


These untold stories of cancer, he realised, held the power to bridge the sterile world of medicine and the infinitely beautiful experience of being human.


Dr. Udayee realised that his mission to combat cancer needed a voice. So he went out in search of a storyteller to bridge the gap between his expertise and the hearts of the masses, and that is when he found Tellable.


When we first met the doctor, we were impressed by his noble purpose. But at the same time, it was a challenge for us. How to turn such a technical and heavy subject (even a taboo) into simple and insightful communication?


Tellable’s prescription for success

The team at Tellable rolled up their sleeves and in no time we had a social media marketing strategy.


It started with gaining a clear understanding of the Indian social media community and what they generally resonated with. What kind of messaging clicked with them, and in what formats, these are some questions we asked ourselves.

Next we curiously dove into the depths of medical literature, extracting the essence of oncology and Dr. Udayee's work, and then wove those complexities into captivating stories that appealed to the hearts and minds of a broader audience on various social media platforms.

Our creative and thoughtful efforts encapsulated stories, static posts, carousels, reels, polls, and even humourous memes, making his socials a diverse space for accessible and impactful information on cancer.

A medical marvel

The results were nothing short of miraculous. Dr. Udayee's online presence quickly found itself in the spotlight, not just amongst the medical community but also with enthusiasts of all ages who wanted to engage in conversations about cancer and health in general. This surge in popularity led to new career opportunities and forging connections that spanned beyond hospitals.


With a burgeoning voice, Dr. Udayee became a beacon of knowledge and hope for thousands on social media, demystifying cancer and establishing his authority not only in the operating room but also in the vast landscape of public health and cancer awareness.  


If you are a professional seeking to bridge the gap between your expertise and public enthusiasm, simply reach out to Tellable.


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