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Creating a story-driven sales presentation to attract new business

Let’s face it. “End-to-end tech solutions” is a phrase that’s become trite in the world of Information Technology, and VisionSoft’s values were no different from any other IT company that was committed to doing the same.

They had built 20+ years of experience and deep expertise in various technologies. However, when they talked about these values, it did not make for an impactful communication but came across as beating their own drums.

Recognising there's a problem is a battle half won

Our introductory meeting with them had a sense of urgency to it: they had been trying various strategies in their sales conversations and yet unable to interest their prospects.

“We want to try storytelling and see what happens,” one of their executives opened up to us.

A long-term collaboration was proposed, but not before they saw results. First they wanted us to redesign their business overview presentation, and fast. Our team received their version of the presentation, which looked like a barebones compilation of some highly technical bullet points.

There was just no life in that document that was supposed to empathise with the prospects' challenges and tell a data-backed story of how VisionSoft could help them.

Without this story, all their services will be perceived by their target audiences as a run-of-the-mill manual.

Finding the business story

Our writer researched about VisionSoft’s industry, service offering and past work, and quickly saw a truth that would go on to paint them in a unique light.

Digital is confusing. A new technology is launched everyday. How can businesses make sense of this evolving landscape and make the best use of technology?

Enter VisionSoft as an agent of clarity. Through its experience of 20+ years and deep understanding of various technologies, it is well poised to analyse the complex technology landscape and implement business-relevant solutions for their clients.

Now we have a story! A story of helping businesses overcome confusion and the problem of plenty, and take decisive actions based on clear insights.

Visual design of the presentation

Their executives were truly impressed as they witnessed the transformative power of storytelling. The project was greenlit to proceed then and there, and our designer was on his way. The brand's colours were sampled, visual ideas were brainstormed, and the new presentation was taking shape. We used the story to inform our slide design choices.

In mere 2 days' time, the redesign was completed, and VisionSoft no longer looked at themselves as generic in the industry; their belief in themselves had taken deeper roots, and the best part? Their presentation has had the most engagement in recent times.

Need a story-driven sales presentation?

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