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From Dejection to Elation: Crafting a perfect pitch deck

In 2016, 452 startups began their business journey in India. Today, the number is close to a lakh per year. With the Indian Startup Ecosystem growing rapidly, every ambitious startup is fighting tooth and nail to meet with investors and pitch their dreams.

It poses the question: what can one do to significantly improve their odds of not only getting to meet with an investor, but to also walk out of the meeting having gotten a nod to their startup?

A business story – that’s the answer to our pressing question. A business story with creative messaging brought alive through creative design is the north star in such a situation.

PetFolk approached us while being in that situation, holding on to a sliver of hope that their wonderful idea - to use digital to make the lives of pet owners and their pets ever more joyous and convenient - would meet the light of day.

A pet problem

Starting from selling products online and offline for all pet needs, developing a social media platform exclusively for pets, having a portal to book appointments with vets, to even finding other pets for your pets to meet! They literally offered every single thing a pet owner could possibly want, all in a single place.

For this idea to become big, they wanted a pitch deck that would grab the attention of investors. They almost commenced the introductory meeting with Tellable by saying they needed the pitch deck to be done in just 10 days.

They were feeling stretched out and disoriented in trying to get their business started. Perhaps Tellable was just another option for them to explore before they moved on to the next, except it wasn’t.

Unleashing a purrfect pitch deck

We understood how hard it must be in their shoes, geared up to give them our best and turn the situation topsy-turvy. Our team wanted this to be pictorial and lively so that no sane investor can turn their head away from this pitchdeck.

We wanted to capture how the pets we raise are very much a part of our families. Therefore, while we typically start pitchdeck works on a blank paper, this work was started with Adobe Photoshop. Whilst the designing was going on, the writer penned down a structure that seamlessly would complement the design.

In 10 business days, the owner of PetFolk received the pitch deck from us. He found himself smiling while going through the slides, and we could see some optimism in his face. We assured him that our creative services were going to be there for him until he realises his dream and beyond.

Need a story-driven pitch deck to appeal to investors?


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