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Creating a brand video story for a healthcare services company

According to Seyyonne, it’s a company based in Coimbatore that strives to alleviate medical professionals. First, let’s take a moment to appreciate the irony in what Seyyonne does. Interestingly, they have been supporting doctors for over two decades with the arduous tasks of managing back-office processes like medical writing, record-keeping, IT, administrative tasks, etc.

Because of this, doctors—typically thousands of miles away—are able to spend more time with patients, get the breaks they deserve, and go back to their families in time.

And now Seyyone was in urgent need of a brand video featuring their work and the services they had to offer.


In any other agency, that would have generally marked the beginning of preproduction, but as storytelling is in the DNA of what we do at Tellable, we instead proposed to communicate Seyyone through a story. They considered the idea and echoed our outlook: technical / business information bores people away, stories invite them in.

There's a risk, however. Splashing any casual story across the video would end up harming the brand itself. We needed to weave two threads - profession and storytelling - together and create "Seyyonne's" brand video.

We got our hands dirty with the nuts and bolts of their services, and understood that listening permeated the majority of their workflow from listening to audio recordings of doctor-patient consultations to understanding the unique requirements of busy medical practioners, so much so that it felt like a condition that was affecting all the employees at Seyyone. Its symptoms include, we noted, increase in empathy, patience, and gratitude. Therefore, we decided to give this benevolent condition a name: Listener's Syndrome. And there we had our story!



We grabbed our equipment and flew to Coimbatore to film that. The team went about their daily tasks by making space for us to film them as they happened. Because of their expertise and support, we ended up getting all the shots without much choreography or alteration. The staff and personnel viewed the selected shots and sent us off with a thumbs up!

Brand Video Making
BTS: Creative Brand Video

We were back in Chennai, the editing table was fired up, and with some stock footage and visual effects, the final cut was ready to be handed over to our SfX and music team. They composed a soundtrack that carried the highs and lows of the story on its shoulders, amplifying the drama and effectiveness of the messaging. We delivered the finished video with pride.

Guess what Seyyonne, or any viewer for that matter, was appreciative of first? The story we contributed. They felt this brand video would be useful as a compelling marketing and sales collateral when talking with prospective clients.


Interested in promoting your business with a story-based brand video?


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