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Brand identity design for new business

A prop-tech company that was all set to help NRIs in managing their Indian real estate approached Tellable for the construction of their brand identity.

As a first step, the designer brought out - and the client gave a nod to - a meaningful colour palette. It's comprised of brunt umber to signify the connection to our land, and blue, a classic choice to establish trust and professionalism!

Colour palette chosen for brand design

Well, then, the logo options started to flow! The advent of AI logo generation websites come with the promise of pace and variety, but it falls short on meaningfulness and personalisation, which is what all clients of Tellable benefit from.

Instead of 100 random logo options, in a span of 5 days, we'd given the client 6 personalised logos, from which one was selected. What convinced them was how thoughtfully it summed up their business.

We gave multiple logo options to choose from

Brand logo design on Adobe Illustrator
The logo version that the client selected

Then came business stationary - the means by which a new brand can establish credibility and professionalism. By sticking to and reinforcing the same design themes in the logo, so the audience could feel like they're inside the home of the same brand, we created templates for envelope, letterhead, email signature, and business card.

Came in with hopes, went away with dreams

The client expressed to us that they'd come to Tellable through word of mouth but weren't sure how the project would unfold. They left that meeting as a brand with a face, ready to start networking and marketing with pride!

This case study leads to another. An effect Tellable is used to having on its clients. Stay tuned.


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