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Our animation video made our client's strategy more acceptable!

Zifo RnD Solutions is a fast-developing life sciences technology company that speaks the language of science and technology. Their success? “We are people-driven." But during our initial meeting, they expressed feelings of desperation over an ironic situation: people aren’t willing to listen to them.

Why was that? Data was more important to their work than cutting-edge technology. But their partners and clients were not paying enough attention to getting their data strategy right. They were too eager to buy up new software. Zifo wanted to educate them, but how?

There's a place for technology, but there's everywhere for stories

One of Tellable’s storytellers came up with a knot. "Data is the new soil." The story involves two "farmers" in the 21st century. One prioritised the soil; the other one focused only on advanced farming technology. Guess whose efforts were fruitful?

The fleshed-out script was sent across and the team at Zifo were thrilled. Upon having it green-lit, we mapped out the corresponding visuals and walked our animation artist through them.

Creative animation for tech communication

A happy ending

After three days of animating on Adobe After Effects, we arrived at a visual, animated story on Zifo's business strategy. Even before the audience could warmly receive the animation video, Zifo did, and it filled our hearts with satisfaction. And the icing on the cake? It's getting circulated widely... on request!

Interested in turning your business strategy into an impactful story?


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