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Making high quality marketing collateral affordable for small businesses

An official Microsoft Solutions Partner, ISO certified, has facilitated businesses to achieve the productivity of five hundred hands with few hands. That’s CodeValue Technologies for you.

They say, “Let your work do the talking.” But despite indulging in work of such stature, there’s a 90% chance the name “CodeValue” doesn’t ring a bell for you. And that’s why their founder wanted to meet with Tellable immediately.

Being a small company, they couldn't invest in a marketing-communications team dedicated to creating effective marketing/sales collateral, and as a result, even though they've been on the map for 15 years, they'd unfortunately not gone anywhere.

The cost of high quality marketing collateral

First and foremost was the fact that our services come with a transparent fixed price. To anyone who's had to pay based on project time and effort, they would know the pain of paying more for reiterations they didn't know would come their way. We strive to give our clients the best, and reiterations will not influence the financial scope of the project.  

Besides, the chances of multiple iterations over creatives were little to none. We have substantial work experience in the field of Information Technology, which helps us deeply understand client requirements and their pain points to draft the collateral in one round and without requiring the client to spend time training us.

Lastly, because Tellable is made of individuals coming from various creative backgrounds, the skills required to strategize, write and design any marketing collateral was available to CodeValue under one roof. Our clients do not have to go to different vendors for different purposes. Two mangoes with one stone: end-to-end execution, and for a lesser price.

More successes than one

At this point, he couldn't help but smile. And we smiled back. We think that was when our collaboration began. Today, we create CodeValue's service-related brochures and presentations based on interesting narratives.

Creative Business Brochures

A benefit of theirs that goes beyond the tangible is the confidence wave they're riding. They enter every sales meeting boldly as they are armed with high quality collateral to support their talk, and walk out making a lasting first impression.

Creative Brand Presentation

Our presentations are presenting them as who they're - tech experts who can turn a business into an empire. Today, pride, ambition, and hope have been restored in CodeValue, and thanks to Tellable, their work is doing the talking!  

Interested in bolstering your business with affordable marketing collateral?


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