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Working with an award-winning incubator to train founders to leverage storytelling to build their startup

Our partner

Startups from across India with an innovative vision and courage to bring change are competing to enter the T-Hub ecosystem. 

T-Hub is the world's largest innovation lab, a national award-winning incubator and startup accelerator in Hyderabad. Supported by the Telangana government, they are dedicating themselves to taking high-potential startups under their wing, and grooming them in the decisive areas of product building, culture building, communication, pitching, funding and scaling up.

As a fundamental requirement, T-Hub required its startup founders to be skilled in storytelling so as to be able to communicate their idea in any format or occasion.

T-Hub selected Tellable to be its Value Partner in this exercise because of Tellable's unique approach to brand storytelling and strong startup focus.

What we did

Tellable worked with T-Hub to profile the startup founders and their competency in creative communication, and identified their requirements when it came to presenting their idea.

Based on these, Tellable designed workshops, both online and offline, to train founders on the basics of storytelling and also equip them practically to use storytelling in their brand communication.

Storytelling for product building

For founders building MVP

Tellable designed and conducted the workshop “Product storytelling” to enable founders to inculcate the culture of storytelling in all aspects of their product like development, marketing, sales, team and culture building

Storytelling in product building.jpg

For founders ready for funding

Tellable Designed and conducted the workshop “From strategy to story” to train founders on how to translate their product strategy into a sellable story

Storytelling for startup scaling

For founders who are scaling up

Audited the digital communication of the startups (website, social media, marketing collateral) to identify issues and areas of improvement

Benefit to startups and incubator

At the end of the workshop, startup founders felt they had a lot of homework to do. With a definite understanding of what the much-hyped storytelling is all about and the tools to implement it for their startup, they said they would immediately rework how they were communicating their idea.


Many founders also expressed that the workshop made them feel more confident when talking about their idea.

For T-Hub, the workshops presented an opportunity to demonstrate to the startup ecosystem their supportive attitude and ability to bring in the right experts to address the most pressing problems. With this, they could present themselves as a leader among startup accelerators and attract more startups.

Are you a startup incubator?

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