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12 hours and a brand got its face

Humanity comes first

Sometimes, a mascot could make your brand memorable before any other aspect of branding. AutomatR, a growing automation firm that’s passionate about using AI to revolutionise business operations, didn’t want that potential to be left untapped.

In our introductory meeting, they came in with a single purpose: to get a mascot designed. To them, it should represent the intelligent automation they’re experts at.

We gave it a quick thought: a character for an automation company, right? The first thing and maybe even the last thing that would spring to many minds is a robot. How creative the robot looks or doesn't comes down to the designer, but it's a robot nonetheless - cold, mechanical and with battery where a heart should be.

But at Tellable, we are storytellers who value humanity, and we wanted to craft a mascot that's not cold like a robot but warm and with a personality. Besides that, we just love the look on clients’ faces when we give them multiple options to choose from.

Tech robot mascot
A quick search for mascot ideas and that's what Google throws at you. Credit: Vecteezy

Joyful productivity

The time we'd set for ourselves to come up with a mascot concept was 1 hour. Through careful ideation, our options included a worker bee, a human lion and a jellyfish.

The lines we touched upon were discipline and efficiency in the technological domain, and though each character justified its presence on the list, we felt most assured about the worker bee. A worker bee carries out monotonous tasks with utmost discipline, ensuring the system, that is the beehive, functions smoothly.

The client later disclosed that they were delighted to notice we were back in a jiffy. Upon going through our email with a document explaining and roughly visualising the characters, they gave us a call. The CEO of AutomatR expressed to us that the worker bee should be their new face.

We sat down to work.

The designer was called in. Well, this is the designer’s entry into the picture because the ideation and the visualisation happened among Tellable’s storytellers.

A metaphorical face

After receiving the inputs, our designer intuitively exclaimed, “Feathers that depict the intricate networks involved in technology!” And how could we not unanimously agree? Her next thought was blue and white stripes instead of yellow and black because the former combination is the brand’s colours. With two nodes on its head and a smile underneath two eyes, each illuminated in light blue, the character gradually gained its three-dimensional form on Blender.

AutomatR’s new mascot, the automation bee, was exported and sent to them. There we were, in just one working day, we gave a client something that could etch them in their consumers' memory. So, for a company that thrives on delivering pace and efficiency, it was only fitting that we wanted to get it done in a working day.

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